Relational Stewardship

The framework for realizing your missional and financial stewardship goals.
Joe Merlino

Joe Merlino
Emergent Mission – Principal

Shift From Transactional To Transformational

In our work stewardship is viewed as “ministry of connection” that seeks to discern the “why” that underpins every person’s call to be a member of a faith community – where the meaning of faith and its impact in their lives is made manifest in their experience of God, their relationship with themselves, with others, and the world. It is from this place that we seek to understand how your faith community nurtures those experiences.

Relational Stewardship moves beyond the traditional mindset and practice of stewardship as a series of transactional requests for money to deeper more meaningful experiences of giving that expand your community’s understanding of stewardship as a series of enriching, relational and transformational conversations.

Many diverse people standing next to each other and smiling

Make Meaningful Connections

In Relational Stewardship the need for funding does not change. It is the process and experience of planning, relationship building, solicitation and giving that change. In our work together you can expect to:

  • Assess the depth and breadth of your ministry’s programming and its impact in the lives of those you serve and hope to serve.
  • Deliver a proactive “interpersonal engagement strategy” that invites constituents, donors, and other stakeholders to participate in intentional conversations where meaningful connections are made.
  • Connect each participant’s deepest needs and desire for change with your faith community’s mission and unique capacity to affect change.
  • Forge meaningful emotional, spiritual and financial bonds as you find one another in your stories.

Increase The Capacity For Giving

Meaningful connections create enduring relationships. As the impact of your faith community becomes increasingly self-evident it inspires constituents, donors and other stakeholders to be more fully-engaged in acts of stewardship – through financial support, participation in ministry, and the sharing of their spiritual gifts.

You can expect increases in pledge commitments, gift amounts, and sustainable giving. As a result, your stewardship goals will become more realistic, less speculative and more attainable, while your operations and programming needs will remain protected from variances in funding. You will also find the passions and skills of members and other supporters are aligned with the needs of your ministry.

Establish a Cohesive Stewardship Strategy

By its nature Relational Stewardship is the catalyst for year-round stewardship planning.

  • From the perspective of funding, it applies equally to annual appeals, capital campaigns, major gifts, planned giving, even corporate philanthropy and workplace giving – all of which are integral to financial vitality.
  • From the missional perspective, it provides a fundamental platform for relationship development, community building, ministry renewal and program development – each an integral part of congregational vitality.
  • For leadership, Relational Stewardship provides an opportunity for community conversations that inform mission, strategic planning and decision making.